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"Nicole lead a workshop for our leadership team. She combines a practical "can-do" attitude with an intuitive sense of humans. She's a wise advisor with a plentiful, effective toolbox to help both individuals and teams live up to their potential. And, she's a bunch of fun as well!"  

Chip Conley, Airbnb Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy New York Times bestselling author and Founder of Modern Elder Academy 

"You really are a MIRACLE WORKER for our school board, foundation leadership and school teams."

Richard Whitmore, Lafayette, CA  School Superintendent 

"Nicole is such an asset for our board. I cannot thank you enough for providing her as a resource. She facilitates self awareness, challenges perceptions, and skillfully mediates tough situations."

Beth G., Executive Director  Foundation Leadership Team 

This isn't about chasing some unattainable perfection...

If you choose to invest in your self and other awareness then you will receive the powerful benefits of understanding how you are received and how to work optimally with others. 


What is a life strategist?

A life strategist is a coach, supporter and accountability partner who strategically helps people navigate their lives with purpose, passion and joy. A life strategist will help you realize your own desires and goals in business and in life. 

Are you ready to stop losing the “I’m too busy” war, and start living the sweet life you deserve?

Have you reached your breaking point because you feel frazzled, overwhelmed, and dissatisfied with how you are managing your priorities?

Do you find yourself using the kids as excuses for why things are the way they are? 

Are you wishing away the moments in your life, rather than facing them head-on?

Do you desperately need more time in your day?

Are you searching for some calm in the midst of the chaos?

Do you want to get UNSTUCK?

CHOOSE to think that things can change with small steps.

CHOOSE to prioritize your happiness so you can meet the needs of your family, colleagues and community. 

CHOOSE to make progress today by seeing your first step forward.  

CHOOSE to align your energy and efforts for YOU. Now is the time. 

Start living your version of the sweet life!

START by taking tiny action steps that will yield big results.

START learning more about the time of day that you should focus on tackling your to-do lists.

START gaining clarity on just how you can achieve your best, sweet life.

START learning more about your “why” so things can get a lot easier for you in your relationships that matter most to you.

START to increase your joy, energy and motivation in life.

Through my comprehensive strategies, you will be held accountable for your thoughts, dreams and actions. You will start to live the best version of yourself. You will learn and apply strategies to combat stress in your life and experience more joy and fulfillment. You will take back your power and start to flourish instead of flounder. 

"I honestly don't know where I would be without Nicole."

Eileen McCoy, Entrepreneur and Mom of 4 boys 

Why work with a life strategist?

We will help you define who you are and figure out what matters most to you. When you work with a life strategist, you gain clarity about the exact type of life you are truly meant to live. When you become truly aligned with who you are then you will start to achieve personal growth and start the journey towards living the sweet life you were always meant to live. 

A life strategist will guide you towards this goal by being a consistent ally and mentor. We are in your corner, and we will encourage, motivate and guide you down your life’s path. You will have a confidant and someone who will listen to your hopes and dreams without judgement.  You will learn how to prioritize self-careLearn specific adjustments to your daily routine that will help you better take advantage of good timing. 

Learn specific reasons as to why you do what you do which will help with improved personal mastery and relationship management.  You will receive a partner who will guide you during your transformations and create action plans that will change your life from being static to marvelous.

How You Could Benefit:

"Cultivating company culture during COVID-19 is an interesting process. Being a NYC-based company, we have been working virtually since March 2019 and hiring in that period. Nicole gave our growing team a wonderful set of tools and practical applications to better understand our individual motivations and communication styles, and we've already been putting them to good use. I would recommend working with Nicole to any business in need of giving their employees an opportunity to see each other and themselves more clearly. Our team unanimously agreed that it was an afternoon well spent!"

Laura Davis Gross, Chief of Staff Partake Foods


"Nicole facilitated a session with a group of hard charging female professionals – and WOW!! I have been working with the Enneagram for many years now, and this took it to the next level. I learned equally about the others and how to relate to their types as I did about my own type. She created an environment where everyone felt comfortable sharing very personal anecdotes. I am a 3, and even though many of the women in the group it seemed were also 3’s, there was such variety and nuance among all of us – that was eye opening and speaks to the fluidity of the Enneagram!! My only complaint was ending the session wanting more time…"

Shane Kleinstein, Liberty Media Corporation

"Nicole's enthusiasm, passion and energy for this work are evident in her facilitation!  Her unique approach helps you figure out what it is you are trying to do and how best to get it done, while leveraging your unique strengths and overcoming potential barriers. I’ve worked with Nicole in a 1:1 setting, and now in a group setting, and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for support to up-level and live your own sweet life!” 

Stephanie Sikora, Life Made Simple   

Are you ready to live the best version of you?

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The Enneagram Personality Types & How to Live the Most Skilled Version of You

Sailor’s Sweet Life (SSL) leverages the Enneagram System as a tool in coaching and workshops. A fun, engaging and highly practical motivational tool, the Enneagram facilitates improved self-awareness and interpersonal relationships across family, social and professional spheres.  

Enneagram is a personality typing system that consists of nine different types. Knowing your core Enneagram type can be useful in understanding how you work and live best, what motivates you, and how you interact with others.


The Science Behind Time & How To Use Your Time For More Productivity & Joy

Informed by a thorough analysis of peer-reviewed data related to peak and diminished performance in humans, SSL’s Science of Timing tool simplifies this information, breaking it down into actionable life hacks to help clients increase productivity and joy when tackling even the most mundane of daily tasks.

Learn how to work with your natural motivation and creativity—not against it!—to best organize your time, implement routines and maximize impact of interactions with others when time matters.



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