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Plagued by:

Poor Communication

Missed Opportunities


Unresolved Conflict

Work with me to:

Enhance Self and Other Awareness

Boost Confidence 

Empower Connections

Improve Communications 

Increase Productivity

Create Thriving Culture

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Meet Nicole Seawell

Sought After Team Strategist and Group Dynamics Coach

Since 2010, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles and patterns that hold them back from flourishing at work and home. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me guide you by learning your Enneagram archetype and then use that knowledge to develop your most productive, effective and joyful path forward. 

The SSL approach combines science backed strategies with research proven tools that help you and your team increase performance, improve communication and grow fulfillment. My superpower is quickly assessing your team's struggles and then  facilitating a customized strategy forward. 

Using my degrees in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and Law from the University of Pennsylvania, I use my unwavering determination to your advantage. My pragmatic optimism, unrivaled ability to read and evaluate people and situations, and vast problem solving experience has positively impacted hundreds of people and businesses.

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Heidi Zak, CEO of Third Love

Our leadership session with Nicole was highly engaging and supporting, and we all walked away having learned more about ourselves and how to work more productively with each other. Her energy was infectious and she was really able to bring the Enneagram concepts to life through real-world examples, empowered group participation, and stories that kept us laughing and learning.

Benefits To You And Your Team

1. Increase Engagement & Productivity:  Connected and happier employees are more likely to be productive. (The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Anchor)

2. Decrease Conflict and Misunderstanding: Miscommunication not poor intentions are the root of most conflict and inefficiencies. (Think Again, Adam Grant)

3. Create Your Roadmap: Use Enneagram and related tools to learn the motivations and natural strengths/skills of each team  member to understand communication style, sense of urgency, attention to detail, speed of processing and adaptability to change. (Talking to Strangers, Malcolm Gladwell)

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