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Reality Is What The Other Person Thinks You Said.
We help you improve your Communications Intelligence.

Team strategy work that improves communication, creates effective leadership and grows thriving company culture.

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Everything You Do Is A Communication.

We help you to realize your impact on others...

Optimize work environments through:

  • Decreasing distraction and frustration

  • Reducing unhelpful conflict

  • Creating Psychological Safety

  • Increasing colloboration

  • Improving team interactions

  • Reducing unnecessary meetings

  • Leveraging team strengths

  • Hiring the right people

Benefits To You And Your Team

Create a Culture of High Trust and Transparency with Enneagram

Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report:

74% less stress,

106% more energy at work,

50% higher productivity,

13% fewer sick days,

76% more engagement,

29% more satisfaction with their lives, and

40% less burnout.

(HBR | The Neuroscience of Trust)

Learn how to Lead a Transformative Team in the Hybrid Work World

Toxic Teams try to keep track of remote workers by adding more meetings.


Transactional teams try to keep track of each other on email.


Transformational teams track themselves against clear goals, outcomes, and accountability.


Transformative Leaders see the importance of what’s not being said, search for what’s hidden below the surface until people say, “Exactly!”

(Greg McKeown | Essentialism + Effortless)

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Not a One Size Fits All Solution

Nicole is an absolute communication effectiveness expert!  She utilizes the Enneagram framework to help individuals and teams learn to better understand themselves, how to work more effectively with each other, and how to increase  overall engagement!  Nicole led a two-day workshop for our team of ~50 (1/2 on person- 1/2 virtually).  The reviews from the team have been absolutely stellar - having participated in prior Enneagram workshops, Nicole is the only expert I would call upon in the future. We’ve already begun referencing what we’ve learned in her workshop, leading to much deeper empathy, trust, and camaraderie. We plan to engage with her on an ongoing basis!

Mikel Chertudi, Guild Education, Senior Vice President of Marketing


Meet Nicole Seawell

Sought After Group Dynamics Strategist and Communications Coach

Practical. Tactical. Actionable. That's how people describe me. Maybe I was born under a happy star or more likely, I have used my superpower of understanding my impact on others to pivot for great results. I can teach you to do the same and reduce your misunderstandings, increase your effectivness, and help you live your version of the Sweet Life! One size fits all solutions are nice but flawed. Let's build your personalized startegy by understanding you and where and how you THRIVE! 

Since 2010, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles and patterns that hold them back from flourishing at work and home. Life's too short to be unfulfilled, unsure, or unhappy. Let me guide you by learning your Enneagram archetype and then use that knowledge to develop your most productive, effective and joyful path forward. Say goodbye to being stuck! 

The Sailor's Sweet Life unique approach combines science backed strategies with research proven tools that help you and your team increase performance, improve communication and grow fulfillment. I quickly assess your team's unique opportunities and struggles and then facilitating a customized strategy forward. 

Powered by my real world experiences and degrees in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and Law from the University of Pennsylvania, I use my unwavering determination to your advantage. My pragmatic optimism, unrivaled ability to read and evaluate people and situations, and vast problem solving experience has positively impacted thousands of people and businesses.

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Success Stories

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Shane Kleinstein, Head of  Investor Relations at Liberty Media Corporation

Nicole facilitated a session with a group of hard charging female professionals – and WOW!! I have been working with the Enneagram for many years now, and this took it to the next level. I learned equally about the others and how to relate to their types as I did about my own type. She created an environment where everyone felt comfortable sharing very personal anecdotes. I am a 3, and even though many of the women in the group it seemed were also 3’s, there was such variety and nuance among all of us – that was eye opening and speaks to the fluidity of the Enneagram!! My only complaint was ending the session wanting more time…

Communicate More Effectively with Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a tool that is based on the idea that each person has a unique and innate personality structure, or "essence," that shapes the way they see and act in the world. There are nine archetypes each representing a combination of unconscious motivations, superpowers, challenges, fears and triggers that shape their thoughts, feelings, and actions. It can help individuals understand their own motivations and behavior, as well as the motivations and behavior of other key people in their lives which can lead to more enjoyable relationships, effective communication, and optimal problem-solving.



Tell me more about you and your team and how I can help you improve communication, increase productivity and optimize outcomes.

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