Master Your Relationship with Time

You are tired of beating to someone else's schedule.  

You're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with all you need to do and tired of mediocre results. 

You need a TIME plan customized for you, but you are unsure of the first step.  

You recognize life is NOT one size fits all. But how do you make changes?

I am READY to the Master Time mini course

Learn Your Chrono Type and When to do What!

$37 for the mini course.

What is the Science of Timing  & why do I need a Master Time MINI COURSE?

MASTER TIME. Timing is everything, and when we perform tasks can matter as much as how we perform them.

USE TIME FOR BETTER RESULTS.  We end up making bad decisions, hindering our creativity, and leaving important projects incomplete when we don't follow our personal time type. 

FOLLOW YOUR NATURAL RHYTHMS. We all have a natural rhythms to our moods and our energy levels. We thrive when we set up our days, weeks and years to those individual rhythms.  

HARNESS THE POWER OF BEGINNINGS, MIDDLES AND ENDS.  Learning the science to time use helps you to thrive  emotionally, physically, and cognitively. 

The course has been intentionally divided into 4 short video segments that you can watch at your pace. There is a total of 60 minutes of video time with no video longer than 15 minutes. You can do 15 minutes a day or a week or all at once. The goals is to respect your time and best learning style. This self-paced mini course provides you with a strategy to help you navigate life for greater productivity and life satisfaction. 

I say YES to me!

If this sounds like you, then stop what you are doing right now!

STOP thinking you don't have time. This is a 4 video self-paced mini course. The course takes less time than reading a book and the strategies are immediate to implement. You can re-watch any segment you want as many times as you want. You have lifetime login access. 

STOP sacrificing your happiness. This course will give you actionable insight into how and where you are most productive, creative,  effective, and happy. It helps you to recognize and appreciate your strengths and stop focusing on weaknesses. It provides the foundation to a fulfilling and empowered life strategy. 

STOP thinking things have to be the way they are. Whoever you are today is the entry point into a more joyful and effective you. It's a powerful and focused training that will transform your beliefs in what's possible for you. 

STOP the spin. This course provides you a step by step individualized strategy for finding more time, creating better results and living with more joy. 


  • 4 module self-paced video course (60 minutes total video time)
  • 15 page PDF workbook  
  • BONUS Printable Science of Timing Cheat Sheet
  • Lifetime Course Login Access
  • Don't miss out on the Special pricing (normally $87.)
I am in! Take me to the sign up.

You deserve to live the sweet life!

TIME MASTERY increases productivity and decreases frustration.

TIME MASTERY improves outcomes.

TIME MASTERY gives you more time for the activities you enjoy most. 

TIME MASTERY reduces stress and anxiety. 

TIME MASTERY decreases procrastination. 

$37 to sign up.

I look forward to working together to customize solutions for you. 

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Sign Up Today to live with more time. Remember, happiness is not the absence of obstacles, but rather your belief in your abilities to move through them. 


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