My SUPERPOWER is a relentless ability and energy to always see a way forward.  

Nicole Seawell is a Motivation and Communication Expert and a sought-after Team Strategist and Dynamics Coach. Nicole's approach is to combine science backed strategies with research proven tools and programs to help individuals increase performance and fulfillment. Nicole quickly assesses a teams struggles and helps facilitate a repeatable path forward. She supports teams communicate more effectively  leading to increased productivity, performance and engagement in an overall enhanced culture.

Nicole utilizes her degrees in Industrial and Labor Relations cum laude degree from Cornell University and a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania to further your teams needs. Nicole's pragmatic optimism, unrivaled ability to read and evaluate people and situations, and problem solving experience has positively impacted hundreds of people and businesses.

Life is a series of CHOICES. Know you and choose well. 

A good life starts within. It’s all a choice and a mindset. No matter what your circumstances are, you CAN improve your outcomes.

My passion and purpose is to help others get clear on their superpowers and cringeworthy bits. And then choose to live the most skilled version of themselves at work and at home. 

I’ve created my SWEET LIFE simply by clarifying my priorities and communicating effectively everyday. I’ve mastered this art and I can help you live your version starting NOW!

Chief Joy Officer

Sailor's living the sweet life, rich in all the things we humans strive for. As an Enneagram 7 in best self, he lives in present, greets the day with enthusiasm, and delights in small joys like a long walk or a belly rub! And when he’s happy he dances around, wagging his entire body! 

A percentage of all sessions go to Ralph the Medical Dog Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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