I was a mom, wife, daughter, volunteer, consultant...but I had lost my innermost Self - the Nicole I was outside of even my most important relationships. 


There was no particular lightbulb moment.  I didn't wake up one day and not recognize the woman in the mirror.  Yet after having three boys in three and a half years - a wild, chaotic, love-filled existence - I began to very slowly feel my self identity slipping away into the many roles I fulfilled.

But I've never been one to stay stuck.  

I see around corners, anticipate pitfalls, naturally pivot and always see a way forward.  And so, I began my way forward - in pursuit of a life that allowed me to thrive and not just survive.

I quickly realized that I was hardly alone in both my loss of self-identity and my pursuit of a more fulfilling life.

In 2012, I co-founded a social enterprise called Women in the Mix dedicated to the idea that women could have meaningful work and meaningful family life, while acknowledging that we are not human scales. It is not a balancing act, but rather an ever-evolving mix of all the components of life wherein no two days - let alone years - are the same.  I found within me (what others saw in me for years!) that one of my superpowers is to walk alongside others as they take their dreams and transform them into achievable goals with the help of evidence-based research and actionable strategies.

Now, I still wear a lot of hats, but I'm able to say "yes" to what matters most.

I'm a wellness and productivity coach, mom, wife, crazy golden retriever lady, avid traveler, outdoors enthusiast, lawyer, entrepreneur and savvy consumer. I'm a juggler and a doer, and I strive every day to live my own version of the sweet life. I value education too; I have my BS cum laude from Cornell University and JD from University of Pennsylvania Law School. 

I help moms see the extraordinary in the every day and release the need to be perfect, please everyone else and prove themselves - we have all always been worthy of beautiful, purpose-filled lives.  

Meet Sailor, Chief Joy Officer

He’s living the sweet life, rich in all the things we humans strive for. He lives in present, greets the day with enthusiasm, takes naps, and delights in small joys like a long walk or a belly rub! And when he’s happy he dances around, wagging his entire body! Sailor is a American/English Cream golden retriever living the sweet life and spreading joy and calm to everyone around him.  A percentage of all sessions go to Ralph the medical dog program at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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