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Meet Nicole

Why Nicole Is Able to Help You.

Nicole Seawell is a Motivation and Communication Expert and a sought-after Team Strategist and Dynamics Coach. Nicole's approach combines science backed strategies with research-proven tools and programs to help individuals increase performance and fulfillment. Nicole quickly assesses your team's struggles and helps facilitate an actionable path forward. She helps teams to communicate more effectively leading to increased productivity, decreased conflict and grow engagement in an overall enhanced culture.


Nicole utilizes her degrees in Industrial and Labor Relations cum laude degree from Cornell University and a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania to further your teams needs. Nicole's pragmatic optimism, unrivaled ability to read and evaluate people and situations, and problem solving experience has positively impacted hundreds of people and businesses.

My Story

Just like the many Enneagram 3's, I was quickly racking up professional wins and successes but lacked clarity on what really made me happy and fulfilled. I worked up until a few hours before our first son was born and then thought "so this is it?" Over the next 3 years, two more baby boys joined our beautiful and loud chaos. Despite professional opportunities awaiting me, I fantasized about something different, something more aligned with my priorities, goals and desire to make a meaningful impact.

While trying to figure myself out, I continuously was hired to help others find the way forward. I figured that if I can do, so can anyone. But then I got clear on where I added so much value: teaching and supprting others to live and work with self and other awareness so they can live their versions of the Sweet Life. I launched this coaching business with my "everything has a solution" superpower to help individuals, teams, and leaders live the most SKILLED version of themselves.

In addition to running Sailor's Sweet Life, LLC, I am President of the Beaird Family Foundation where I lead the $40 million foundation and the 60 family member membership in activating the mission while pivoting for the realities of the changing world. 


Daily you can find me walking Sailor on the trails throughout Colorado, connecting with nature, big ideas, and friends, and simultaneously cheering on my sons and cautioning them to make decisions that allow them to play another day! 

I found my sweet spot of ability, affinity and opportuity, and I would love you to help you find yours. 


Chief Joy Officer

Meet Sailor. Sailor's living the sweet life, rich in all the things we humans strive for - freedom, presence, joy, and security.


As an Enneagram 7 in best self, he lives in present, greets the day with enthusiasm, and delights in small joys like a long walk or a belly rub! And when he’s happy he dances around, wagging his entire body! 


Research supports the benefits received from a medical pet in healing physically and psychologically.  A percentage of all Sailors Sweet Life fees are donated to Ralph the Medical Dog Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado.