Stop Just Venting, Add Perspective

Nothing wrong with a good vent, right? What harm could it do. It’s bad to keep it bottled up. Let it out we have been told. 

I have been spinning the inequities and inefficiencies of the U.S. vaccine distribution. I am an Enneagram 3 - I can’t help myself as I am dialed toward positive action with efficiency and effectiveness. 

But these last few weeks, I have found I didn’t feel any better to vent on the doses being thrown out because they couldn’t find people in time in the approved government categories or how people are putting themselves into categories 1A and 1B tangentially and getting vaccinated or how my husband is exposed as an essential member of the justice system and our Governor hasn’t replied to my emails asking for equity for criminal defense attorneys - only prosecutors have access. Okay, the vent is over. Why? Because instead of relieving pressure with venting, research shows that venting is not enough. If we don’t vent...

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The Enneagram System

coaching enneagram tips May 11, 2020


Sailor’s Sweet Life (SSL) leverages the Enneagram System as a tool in coaching and workshops. A fun, engaging and highly practical motivational tool, the Enneagram facilitates improved self-awareness and interpersonal relationships across family, social and professional spheres.

Unlike other personality tools, which can inadvertently typecast individuals and actually create more conflict (“I’m this style, and we’re not the same”), the Enneagram is rooted in practicality and harmony. It motivates users to explore not only their unique type, but also the types of others to improve communication in the relationships that matter most (“I’m this type and you’re that type, so this is how we can interact more efficiently and peacefully”).

The Enneagram recognizes a critical nuance of all humans—we have both sweet and bitter sides. In other words, each of us has patterns of thinking and tendencies related to...

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