Introduction to Enneagram Course

You're desperate for a change, but just can't figure out what that change is. 

You're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

You need a plan customized for you, but you are unsure of the first step.  

You recognize life is NOT one size fits all. But where do you thrive?

I am READY for the Enneagram Mini Course

Learn Your WHY to Get Clarity & Direction in the Enneagram Mini Course!

$47 for the mini course.

What is Enneagram & why do I need a MINI COURSE?

Enneagram is a motivation and personality system. Each of the nine personality types is characterized by a set of dominant behaviors, motivations, and fears. The goal of this system is to better understand your type so that you’ll be able to make the most of your strengths and address your challenges in order to achieve your full potential.

Enneagram can provide a CUSTOMIZED roadmap to gaining the self-awareness we need for improving communication and productivity in the relationships that impact us most, like our spouse, children, and colleagues.

This is not a generic self-growth course. Rather, it provides a growth path with implementation tips for your specific type. 

We all view the world through a different lens and the motivations that drive the decisions we make also vary. Enneagram is a valuable tool for helping us understand those motivations so we can become more patient parents, communicate better with our spouses, and extend compassion to ourselves and our coworkers.

The course has been intentionally divided into 10 short video segments that you can watch at your pace. There is a total of 90 minutes of video time with no video longer than 15 minutes. You can do 15 minutes a day or a week or all at once. The goals is to respect your time and best learning style. This self-paced mini course provides you with a strategy to help you navigate life with purpose, joy and passion. 

This is an opportunity to STOP sacrificing your own desires in business and in life. INVEST just 90 minutes and $47 to learn what motivates you so you can thrive in your many roles and enjoy a SWEET life. 

I say YES to me!

If this sounds like you, then stop what you are doing right now!

STOP thinking you don't have time. This is a 10 video self-paced mini course. The course takes less than two hours to complete and it is your choice whether to watch in one sitting or over days or weeks. You can re-watch any segment you want as many times as you want. You have lifetime login access. 

STOP sacrificing your happiness. This course will give you actionable insight into how and where you are most productive, effective, and happy. It helps you to recognize and appreciate your strengths and stop focusing on weaknesses. It provides the foundation to a fulfilling and empowered life strategy. 

STOP thinking things have to be the way they are. Whoever you are today is the entry point into a more joyful you. It's a powerful and focused training that will transform your beliefs in what's possible for you. 

STOP the spin. This course provides you a step by step individualized strategy for finding more time, becoming a more effective communicator, and living with more joy. 


  • 10 module self-paced video course (90 minutes total video time)
  • 25 page PDF workbook  
  • BONUS Printable Enneagram Parenting Tips Cheat Sheet
  • Lifetime Course Login Access
  • Don't miss out on the Special pricing (normally $97.)
I am in! Take me to the sign up.

You deserve to live the sweet life!

ENNEAGRAM increases productivity and motivation. 

ENNEAGRAM gives a shared language and sensible framework for human behavior.

ENNEAGRAM increases compassion for self and others. 

ENNEAGRAM reduces judgment and criticism while increasing tolerance and understanding. 

ENNEAGRAM improves communication and team dynamics (families, work colleagues, and leadership teams).

$47 to sign up.

Enneagram is Part of My Life Strategy

"As an always-striving mom, wife, entrepreneur, I needed Nicole's help to figure out a strategy to feel confident, be more present, and to find more joy in this season of life. Her unique ability to find a pathway forward has been such a blessing to me and I love that each of our coaching sessions are always packed with energy, wisdom, and applicable takeaways. Nicole blends my Enneagram Archetype into each of the solutions so that I am working with my natural motivators for the best results. She's simply the best!" - Liz McVoy, Liz McVoy Creative

The Tool You Need To Build A Joy-Filled Life

"Nicole was an incredible coach to learn Enneagram with! She asked such insightful questions to help me get clarity on what my best life looks like under the realities of my Enneagram Archetype. That led to huge transformative breakthroughs for me! After exploring different paths forward, she helped me see what lights me up the most and came up with solutions that I hadn't even thought of! Nicole's superpower is seeing the route to wherever you want to go and then designing life strategies to get you there." - Emily Hall, Presentation Coach and Expert

Create your Personal User Manual

"Our family Enneagram session with Nicole was illuminating, and additive to my existing insight into how each of our family of five (3 teenage boys!) operate, both separately and together. The framing of each Enneagram personality type and talking it through as a group, not only shed new light on our similarities and differences (how we perceive the same situation differently), but also – from a practical standpoint – helped us create an “instruction manual” for each of us, so that we can more effectively connect, and feel seen, heard, and “felt”." - Sheila, CFA, PH. D, Professor, Scientist, Mom of 3

I look forward to working together to customize solutions for you. 

If you have questions, email me at [email protected] or set up a complimentary Discovery Call by clicking HERE

Sign Up Today to gain clarity on your natural motivators and challenges from Enneagram to live your Sweet Life. Remember, happiness is not the absence of obstacles, but rather your belief in your abilities to move through them. 


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