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Frustrated with Poor Communication? Here's How I Can Help!

I'm going to keep this brief and get straight to the point - much like when I work with my clients to help them navigate communication and interpersonal dynamics.

Afterall, we are not Tom Hanks living on a deserted island with just Wilson - our communications are more complicated than with an inanimate object. Did you know that miscommunications, not poor intentions, are the root of most conflicts, inefficiencies, and stresses?

I'm all about creating a strategy and then making things happen!

All that to say, if you've been feeling stuck or wanting things to be different, now is the time to take action! Don't end 2022 with the things the same.

Here's the need-to-know details to improve your personal and professional relationships:

Who is this person who's emailing you?: Hey, I'm Nicole - I am a Group Dynamics Strategist and Communications Coach -- this means I help you deeply understand yourself and others, and I empower you to live with more joy and optimized results. I naturally see solutions and and help you to see them too.

What I do: Together we create the roadmap to help you chart your next chapter. I equip you with tools and accountability along the way.

How to work with me:

Business Team Workshops - Replace distracted and discouraged employees with team members operating at their best, acting in a way that promotes and optimizes the shared company goals.

1:1 Enneagram Coaching: Are your good intentions and efforts to communicate still landing you in a tough spot? The Enneagram can help you better understand, connect, and communicate with those in your life. This is a personality tool where I help you put what you learn into practice so you can have more peace, daily joy, and less stress.

Small Group or Family Sessions: Experiencing easy conversations with one kid and not so much with another? Differences of opinions tearing you apart? Good intentions truly paving a road to hell? Grab your friends and/or family for a custom workshop series to identify your Enneagram Archetype and those of the people most important to you to improve your clarity, conflict resolution and effective communication tactics.

Is 2022 your year? Want clarity and then a personalized action plan? Schedule a complimentary 20 minute exploration here or email me at My word for 2022 is IMPACT. Let me help you make positive impact. -Nicole Seawell, your communication specialist!

**Click HERE to receive monthly communication tips and practical tactics for more joy, higher productivity, and better communication.

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