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Why WHEN You Do WHAT Matters?

Sailor’s Sweet Life (SSL) utilizes the Science of Timing, a proprietary approach designed to help clients simplify the hidden pattern of everyday life. By understanding when to do what and why, you can live a sweet life every hour of every day!

Time-based weaknesses impact all of us, regardless of age, gender and profession. Informed by a thorough analysis of peer-reviewed data related to peak and diminished performance in humans, SSL’s Science of Timing tool simplifies this information, breaking it down into actionable life hacks to help clients increase productivity and joy when tackling even the most mundane of daily tasks. Learn how to work with your natural motivation and creativity—not against it!—to best organize your time, implement routines and maximize impact of interactions with others when time matters.

Benefits of SSL’s Science of Timing coaching and workshops include greater productivity, reduced stress and higher life satisfaction for individuals and teams alike. Practical takeaways include an enhanced understanding of the best time of day to:

  • Tackle analytical tasks rooted in precision and accuracy

  • Undertake tasks requiring insight and big-picture awareness

  • Leave the best impression on others

  • Make important decisions

  • Maximize efficiency of meetings and group collaboration

  • Exercise for weight loss and enjoyment

  • Schedule appointments for improved outcomes

For more information about how Sailor’s Sweet Life utilizes Science of Timing as a tool to help individuals and groups, email

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