You know you need structure, accountability and a plan. I have a few spots open every month for motivated, savvy individuals who know they are ready to take action.

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SSL 1:1 coaching emphasizes supported progression, and can be particularly beneficial to navigating transitional stages when you are struggling or just feel stuck. While the simple goal of personal development can bring empowerment in any circumstance, common catalysts for engaging 1:1 coaching include:

  • Family transitions
  • Wanting a more joyful daily existence
  • Feeling "stuck" or lacking fulfillment
  • Empty nest
  • Second act/professional change/retirement
  • Illness/health concerns

Following each session, clients receive a detailed action plan  outlining practical steps to simplify and get “unstuck.”

Want to know if coaching is right for you? During a Discovery Call, you will:

  • connect with what you are struggling with
  • discover the real obstacles that are holding you back from achieving the life of your dreams
  • create an actionable vision for your future and explore ways to move this vision into real life with ease
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"Sometimes people come into your life and leave a lasting impact. Nicole is one of those people. The programs she has built through Sailor's Sweet Life are about how to live more intentionally. Nicole breaks down communication, goal setting and self care into sensible tools for everyday use. Both professionally and personally, I am so grateful for all I've learned through this process."

Amanda Kinsey, Filmmaker


Group workshops help clients simplify, maximize and enjoy life by utilizing their motivation, productivity and communication styles to shift mundane, everyday tasks into empowered and informed interactions. 

Following these 2-hour workshops, participants leave armed with resources and suggestions they can implement immediately and with little effort. No grand gestures or opportunities needed, simply small tweaks and actions build into great changes over time!

Workshops can be customized for any group size though smaller groups will experience more engagement and interaction, while larger groups may do more individual or small group introspection. SSL tools are versatile so participants can learn about themselves while engaging with the self-discovery of others.  

Workshops are even great for families!  I provide custom Enneagram workshops for families with kids aged 10 and over for improved relationships, dynamics and communication.

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“Nicole's workshops are efficient, informative, educational, and energetic.  With her in depth knowledge and sunny disposition, she has a keen ability to motivate her clients to be their best self and live their best life.  An outstanding facilitator, Nicole provides practical and useful insight as to how to effectively interact with all different types of individuals, and also how to recognize and work with one's own strengths and limitations.” 

Kat Palinckx, Make it Mine

"Our family Enneagram session with Nicole was illuminating, and gave more insight into how our family of five (3 teenage boys!) operates. The framing of each Enneagram personality type and talking it through as a group not only shed new light on our similarities and differences (how we perceive the same situation differently), but also helped us create an “instruction manual," so we can more effectively connect.  We are grateful to Nicole for her expertise!"

Sheila Ohlsson Walker, Ph.D  


SSL offers customized wellness, productivity and leadership sessions for companies and other professional groups.

Sessions aim to:

  • Increase productivity and decrease miscommunication among teams
  • Learn individual motivational styles and how to use that as an asset for collective decisions
  • Clarify roles and expectations in a common language to decrease misunderstanding and inefficiency
  • Elevate productivity when collaboration is necessary

Nicole brings extensive corporate and non-profit experience to her coaching, including thorough expertise in negotiation and mediation. Her subject matter expertise and solutions-orientation effectively dissolve conflict to reveal AHA moments and actionable next-steps to move the organization forward.

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"I wanted to bring a newly elected school board together in a way that would heighten their understanding of how to work together as individuals while making difficult collective decisions.  Nicole's Enneagram workshop and subsequent facilitated conversation was a ray of light for the board and a great asset for me in clarifying how a board works effectively with a superintendent.  We refer back to her work with us almost every time we are together and I hope to be able to bring her in to work with other key collaborative teams in the district."

Richard Wittmore, Superintendent of Lafayette School District, CA


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