1:1 Coaching

Wish you had magic insight into why some interaction are so easy and others so hard? Now you can.

Learning your Enneagram archetype, and then using that information to live the most skilled version of yourself.

Learn to embrace your superpowers, recognize your triggers and limit your cringe worthy bits. Live with more joy and less stress. 

Clients rave about the positive impact on their work and life. 

Team Management Workshops

We turn those difficult and challenging interactions and conversations into an engaged, open and productive culture. 

The sessions are customized with Enneagram and/or PREP Profile results for each member.

The result for you and your team is greater self and other awareness for improved communication and increased productivity.  

Get in touch for more information and to book your group in the program today.

Hiring for Success

Hiring the right person for each role increases productivity, improves team dynamics and decreases overhead.

Interviewing is overrated in its accuracy. We each have innate bias.

Let me help you with a PREP profile, a research proven assessment, to truly understand a person's skills, personality and fit.

Don't get swayed by first impressions.

Enneagram for Families

ENNEAGRAM increases productivity and motivation. 

ENNEAGRAM gives a shared language and sensible framework for human behavior.

ENNEAGRAM increases compassion for self and others. 

ENNEAGRAM reduces judgment and criticism while increasing tolerance and understanding. 

 This custom workshop includes an intake session, 2-hour tailored workshop and a follow-up report. Let’s get the ball rolling.