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"Nicole facilitated a session with a group of hard charging female professionals – and WOW!! I have been working with the Enneagram for many years now, and this took it to the next level. I learned equally about the others and how to relate to their types as I did about my own type. She created an environment where everyone felt comfortable sharing very personal anecdotes. I am a 3, and even though many of the women in the group it seemed were also 3’s, there was such variety and nuance among all of us – that was eye opening and speaks to the fluidity of the Enneagram!! My only complaint was ending the session wanting more time…"

Shane Kleinstein, Liberty Media Corporation


I can’t thank you enough for assisting my business in building our team.  Finding the right people for the right positions is a difficult proposition.  However finding the right people who fit our culture, company values and possess the right skillset seemed nearly impossible until I started working with you.  Thank you!

Riki Hashimoto, Newmark, Managing Director

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"Cultivating company culture during COVID-19 is an interesting process. Being a NYC-based company, we have been working virtually since March 2019 and hiring in that period. Nicole gave our growing team a wonderful set of tools and practical applications to better understand our individual motivations and communication styles, and we've already been putting them to good use. I would recommend working with Nicole to any business in need of giving their employees an opportunity to see each other and themselves more clearly. Our team unanimously agreed that it was an afternoon well spent!"

Laura Davis Gross, Chief of Staff Partake Foods


"Nicole lead a workshop for our leadership team. She combines a practical "can-do" attitude with an intuitive sense of humans. She's a wise advisor with a plentiful, effective toolbox to help both individuals and teams live up to their potential. And, she's a bunch of fun as well!"

Chip Conley, Airbnb Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy New York Times bestselling author and Founder of Modern Elder Academy 

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"Nicole is such an asset for our board. I cannot thank you enough for providing her as a resource. She facilitates self awareness, challenges perceptions, and skillfully mediates tough situations."

Beth G., Executive Director  Foundation Leadership Team 

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Nicole's superpower is seeing the route to wherever you want to go and then designing life strategies to get you there. She asked such insightful questions to help me get clarity. That led to huge transformative breakthroughs for me in my business! After exploring different paths forward, she helped me see what lights me up the most and came up with solutions that I hadn't even thought of!"

Emily Hall, Presentation Coach and Expert


"Nicole's enthusiasm, passion and energy for this work are evident in her facilitation!  Her unique approach helps you figure out what it is you are trying to do and how best to get it done, while leveraging your unique strengths and overcoming potential barriers. I’ve worked with Nicole in a 1:1 setting, and now in a group setting, and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for support to up-level and live your own sweet life!”

Stephanie Sikora, Life Made Simple


Our family Enneagram session with Nicole was illuminating into how each of our family of five (3 teenage boys!) operate, both separately and together. The framing of each Enneagram type and talking it through as a group, not only shed new light on our similarities and differences (how we perceive the same situation differently), but also – from a practical standpoint – helped us create an “instruction manual” for each of us, so that we can more effectively connect, and feel seen, heard, and “felt”.  We are grateful for Nicole's expertise and wisdom!

Sheila, CFA, PH. D, Professor, Scientist

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 I have personally witnessed her shift a group of leaders from disjointed, individual aspirations to connected, action-based goals that better serve all. 

Toya Graham
Executive Director, Beaird Foundation

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"You really are a MIRACLE WORKER for our school board, foundation leadership and school teams."

Richard Whitmore, Lafayette, CA  School Superintendent