I'm on a mission to help moms define who they are, figure out what they want, and start living life with passion and purpose.


It’s time to stop merely surviving, and really focus on thriving!

Your sweet life awaits! It is so close you can actually taste it!

Three Ways to Work With Me

Individual Coaching

1-on-1 in person or virtual sessions.



Group Coaching

Create your own or join!  Up to 8 people can participate.



Business Workshops

Customized for Effective Communication & Increased Productivity


You deserve a fulfilling and sweet life.

 All of our programs teach you to do the following: 

Discover Purpose and Fulfillment

Not sure who you are anymore? Feel you are the support to everyone else and no one is supporting you? Are you starting to feel resentful and frustrated? Learn strategies to develop your purpose and get back to prioritizing your needs and desires.



Live a Life Without Shame, Judgement, Or Guilt

Are you tired of feeling guilty because you want a moment to yourself to actually do something you enjoy? Are you always putting everyone else’s needs and wants ahead of your own? Do you feel guilty when you buy something for yourself instead of spending the money on your spouse or kids? 


Deal With Disappointment and Change

Do you often exhibit negative, anxious reactions to life’s disappointments and changes? Do you ever feel discouraged and helpless when things don’t go the way you wanted and/or planned for? Do you need help to deal with stress and negative emotions in a healthy, productive way

Nurture and Appreciate Your Personal Relationships

Do you desire to have better communication and positive personal relationships? Do you want love, support, happiness, and friendship in your life? You will learn strategies to help improve the intimate connections with friendships, family members, married couples, co-workers, and sexual partnerships.



Increase Productivity in Your Daily Activities

Do you constantly feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to exercise, schedule appointments, get your work done, or meet with groups when the creative juices are flowing? Then it is time to learn just how to work with your natural motivation and creativity—not against it!—to best organize your time, implement routines and maximize impact of interactions with others when time matters.

Cultivate Your Goals

Do you feel frustrated about where you are in your life? Do you feel dissatisfied with choices you have made with your career, family and/or social life? Do you feel pressure from all sides to do the “expected things:  but don’t really understand, know or agree that the“expected things” are truly what’s best for you? With a life strategist you will discover your true passion and purpose.


...But to do all of these things, you need somebody by your side.

You need a support system to listen with an open mind. You need a  natural-born cheerleader who will always have your back and remind you of your goals. 

You need a life strategist who will hold you accountable and celebrate your wins.

You are going to completely transform your life, and obtain detailed action plans that will propel you into a place of sweetness. .

Yes! I'm Ready for the Sweet Life!

Love Notes

What my clients have to say

"As an always-striving mom, wife, entrepreneur, I needed Nicole's help to figure out a strategy to feel confident, be more present, and to find more joy in this season of life. Her unique ability to find a pathway forward has been such a blessing to me and I love that each of our coaching sessions are always packed with energy, wisdom, and applicable takeaways. She's simply the best!" - Liz McVoy, Liz McVoy Creative

"Nicole was an incredible coach to work with! She asked such insightful questions to help me get clarity on what my best life looks like. That led to huge transformative breakthroughs for me in my business! After exploring different paths forward, she helped me see what lights me up the most and came up with solutions that I hadn't even thought of! Nicole's superpower is seeing the route to wherever you want to go and  then designing life strategies to get you there. I walked away so inspired to achieve my goals and empowered with the knowledge to get there! If you need to get clarity on where you'll find a happy, aligned, joyful life and then want to make it a reality, Nicole is definitely your coach!!" - Emily Hall, Presentation Coach and Expert

"Nicole's enthusiasm, passion and energy for this work are evident in her facilitation!  Her unique approach helps you figure out what it is you are trying to do and how best to get it done, while leveraging your unique strengths and overcoming potential barriers. I’ve worked with Nicole in a 1:1 setting, and now in a group setting, and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for support to up-level and live your own sweet life!” - Stephanie, Life Made Simple

Here's How It Works: 

You will have a clear plan to take action.

At the end of each coaching session (1 hr, 6 week or 12 week) you will leave with new insights, plans, and achievable ways to boldly take action.

Regular communication will take place. 

With the 6 week or 12 week sessions, you will receive Voxer, Zoom and phone hours where we can talk one on one. When you are in need of clarity, advice or reminders, I will be there for you.

With the 1 hour clarity coaching sessions you will receive the following: 

  • 1 one hour long session
  • Get unstuck or push through the block
  • After Session Notes

Focused, interactive directions will be given. 

You will receive a tailored plan of action that takes into account the results of your Enneagram and Science of Time assessments.

Ready to prioritize you and find your happier way forward?

Yes! I'm Ready for the Sweet Life!

Enneagram Workshops

Stephanie, Life Made Simple (Mom of 2)

“I have done many ‘personality assessments’ before, but the Live Your Sweet Life Enneagram workshop with Nicole is different from any I have experienced! Her enthusiasm, passion and energy for this work are evident in her facilitation! I had so much fun in this workshop and walked away with excitement about who I am. Nicole has a unique approach to help you figure out what it is you are trying to do and how best to get it done, leveraging your unique strengths and potential barriers. I’ve worked with Nicole in a 1:1 setting, and now in a group setting, and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for support to up-level and live your own sweet life!” 

Sheila, CFA, PH. D, Professor, Scientist

(Mom of 3)

Our family Enneagram session with Nicole was illuminating, and additive to my existing insight into how each of our family of five (3 teenage boys!) operate, both separately and together.  The framing of each Enneagram personality type and talking it through as a group, not only shed new light on our similarities and differences (how we perceive the same situation differently), but also – from a practical standpoint – helped us create an “instruction manual” for each of us, so that we can more effectively connect, and feel seen, heard, and “felt”.  We are grateful to Nicole for expertise and wisdom!

Kristi, Sales Professional

(Mom of 2)

“I loved attending Nicole Seawell's Enneagram Workshop this morning!  I found the material extremely interesting and it gave me insight into my personality and how better to understand those around me, based on their traits, as well.  Nicole is very engaging, fun and energetic and she applies the knowledge to real life and guides us on ideas to implement to make a difference.  She is a great coach and I look forward to working with her more in the future!”




What to Expect with a Family Enneagram Workshop

Step 1: Pre-Work

Every member of the family takes an enneagram assessment as a starting place. Each person over the age of 10 takes 10 minutes to complete. It is not definitive, just a starting place. The family leader  schedules a 30 minute telephone conversation before session to learn family pain points, sensitivities and goals. All information is held in confidence and will not be shared in the family session.


Step 2: Workshop

Two hour in-person or Zoom session - it is a fun and interactive opportunity. Have food and drinks. Learn the Enneagram system. Dive deep into each member's archetype. Three interactive activities to practice using the system. Closing activity of creating a family operating manual.


Step 3: Follow Up

The family leader schedules a 30 minute telephone conversation to review the session, create a family communication strategy and implement a support plan. 


Sweeter days are ahead for you, and it all begins with a no-obligation call.

Still have questions? Let's discuss which program (Individual, Group, or Business) is right for you. 

Yes! I'm Ready for the Sweet Life!


It's time you free yourself from every day busyness to live your joy-filled life.

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